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Welcome to Founder’s Hall. In this area, you can learn more about Point Foundation's founders and watch a video about our mission and work.

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You have arrived at Cornerstone Corridor where you will learn more about our Point Scholars. You can read about three of our featured scholars, and watch a short video highlighting our 2019 Point Scholar class.

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We’re thrilled to bring you into the Cornerstone Lecture Hall, the main portion of our Cornerstone Society Event. In this space you will be able to view a short video message from a local Point Foundation supporter, hear from an inspirational Point scholar, and discover how you can join us and make an impact.

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Thank you for joining us at Point Foundation University and our virtual campus! Here we highlight our local host committee and give you the opportunity to join Cornerstone Society. We hope you will join us in building a better world for LGBTQ students, and make a financial contribution to Point Foundation. Click here to donate today.

Since its first class of 8 scholars, Point Foundation has awarded how many scholarships as of May 2020?

A. 226 B. 9 C. 497 D. 124

Graduating Point Scholar Leanne Ho received which of the following honors this year?

A. The 2020 Rhodes Scholarship

B. Oklahoma University's Big Non-Binary Person on Campus Award?

C. Acceptance to Harvard Medical School

D. All of the Above

Point Alum Ved Chirayath is credited with getting what agency to include its first ever contingent in an LGBTQ Pride Parade?

A. The US State Department B. The CIA C. NASA D. The United States Postal Service

Point Foundation University

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