• Wellesley College
  • Political Science

Brit Bjurstrom

Point Scholar 2006 – 2010

Brit Bjurstrom graduated from Wellesley College in 2010 after four years of applying the study of political science and technology to community organizing. While at Wellesley, Brit was active in over fifteen local, state, and national campaigns for progressive candidates and issues. She trained hundreds of volunteers in Get Out the Vote initiatives, represented the LGBT community as a citizen lobbyist at the Boston state house, and became a passionate voice for students, the LGBT community, and new immigrant families. In 2008, she began studies in international security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and she was proud to attend the Global Zero World Summit on nuclear disarmament in Paris as one of six North American student representatives.

Brit now works at Google where she studies user insight, works on mobile payment systems, and continues to develop innovative ways of engaging technology in the interest of building community. She lives with her partner in Berkeley, California.

In Brittany's own words: “I am committed to creating a world where such current divisions as sexual orientation, race, religion, and gender identity can be expressed openly and honestly, bringing out the best in humanity’s diversity. There is too much work to be done to allow our differences to hinder real progress. When we lose sight of ourselves, we lose hold of our potential”

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