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Brennan Peters

Scholar Class – 2011

Brennan Peters was born in Blytheville, Arkansas to a military family. She eventually settled in Southern Illinois. Throughout her life, she experienced extensive abuse and economic hardship. Because of her sexual orientation, she has been ostracized by family and friends and has faced hostility and intolerance at work, in school, and by society at large in the conservative Midwestern area in which she lives.

Brennan is currently a full-time student, single parent, and activist. As President of her campus QSA, she organized a variety of events including discussion panels, sexual health education and free condom distribution on campus. She served as the voice of LGBT students in student body government and co-founded a scholarship in honor of an LGBT student who committed suicide. For two years, she served as the Illinois representative on the Oversight Committee for MBLGTACC, the nation’s largest and only entirely student-run queer collegiate conference. She is also an active member of her local theater community (as a writer-director) and film scene (as a writer, director, and cinematographer). She also enjoys writing and has been recognized both by her current institution and other organizations for her accomplishments.

She is pursuing a BA in Psychology with an additional concentration in Film. In the future, she would like to fuse her interests and passion to help take understanding of social issues—especially those facing the LGBT community—out of the “ivory tower.” She would like to make academia’s understanding of concepts such as gender identity, sexual orientation, race, class and cycles of oppression readily accessible and understandable to people of all backgrounds and education levels by fusing together her passion for social psychology and various communication mediums, including writing and film.

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