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  • Fiber and Material Studies

Abbey Muzatko

Scholar Class – 2011

Abbey Muzatko was born in Waukesha, Wisconsin and was primarily raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. At age thirteen, she came out to close friends and was promptly “outed” to her eighth grade class. After becoming aware of the level of intolerance in middle school, she became determined to work for the visibility and acceptance of queer youth. In high school, she was a member of her GSA and during her senior year became a co-leader of the group. She was also one of the youth to aid in the inception of the LGBT Partnership – Green Bay, after which she worked as a member of the Partnership’s steering team and as a youth leader at weekly meetings.

Abbey is currently in her third year at the School of the Art Institute. She primarily works in the Fiber and Material Studies department, where she handweaves textiles and creates resin, cashmere, and leather sculptural objects. She also is a founding member of 3rd Language, a Chicago queer art collective that hosts workshops and prints a quarterly publication of upcoming queer artists’ work. In the summer of 2013, 3rd Language received a Projects for Peace grant to host a series of workshops for queer youth on LGBTQ art history and practice.

In the future, Abbey hopes to continue her work with 3rd Language and attend graduate school for art administration.

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