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The Kevin Hummer Point Scholarship

Kevin Hummer was a Libra, born October 13, 1962. He grew up mostly in Arizona and Palm Springs, and spent his adult life in Los Angeles. He made his living as a print designer and was seen by many as an arbiter of taste, but his most creative creation was himself, as he was a true self creation. Like so many gay boys growing up in suburbia Kevin felt he was not seen as a kid. Kevin knew early that he was gay and neither he, nor his family, had the ability acknowledge it or to embrace it.

It was in college that Kevin began to recreate himself and begin pursuing a life in the creative arts. He graduated in 1983 from Arizona State University, took his MFA and went directly to Los Angeles. By then, he had embraced New Wave (and with it the Flock of Seagulls hairdo) and all the self expression the 80’s had to offer. He was quick-witted, sharp, funny and loved a good time. His sense of style was impeccable and as he achieved more success, it became his signature. He would eventually open his own print design shop, beginning in his Hollywood apartment, then move into the historic art deco Wiltern Theatre and Pellissier building in Los Angeles.

He named his company Bold Face Design and delighted in the pun and in the abbreviation: BFD. He was known for his bright, explosive color palette, his favorite color was certainly lime green. He also loved museums, going out, Popeye’s chicken, cocktails at Neiman’s, flea markets, music, travel, gardening, his dog, DuPont, and his friends.

He rarely entertained but was the most sought after of dinner guests, always arriving with some variation of champagne, vodka, orchids and Godiva Chocolates. His classically modern home in the Hollywood Hills was a pure distillation of his aesthetic — everything beautiful and just so — chosen to be part of part of one of his collections or to shock, amuse or give comfort. Whatever the reason, it all had to meet his exceptionally high design criteria.

He collected friends much the same way: each person in his life had something special to offer Kevin and in turn, he offered his friends something truly unique. Kevin died in the final days of 2006, at 43, after fighting cancer for two and a half years. He had spent much time contemplating what to do at the end of his life with all he had accumulated. He wanted to create something to leave behind — something that could have helped someone like him growing up.


Current Awardee: Morgan Cheatham

Past Awardee: Emily McWilliams (11-14); Jonah Thompson (08-11)

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