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Herb Hamsher, Ph.D.

Herb Hamsher has had several careers over the years. After getting his Ph. D. in clinical psychology he became a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Rochester. Three years later he moved to Temple University where he was an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Services until 1980. At the time, professors were becoming unionized and the notion of potentially going on strike for a pay raise convinced him that it was time to leave the ivory tower.

During his tenure as a professor, Herb had an active private psychotherapy practice, conducted personal growth seminars, and consulted with business leaders and multinational corporations. It was also at this time that he worked with John Denver on his philanthropic activities, particularly assisting with John’s service on The President’s Commission on World Hunger as well as building The Windstar Foundation, his vehicle for impacting on national and world issues. It was through this relationship that Herb moved to Aspen, Colorado which became his home base for 33 years. Currently he is based in Los Angeles and Carpinteria, California.

For the last thirty-five years, Herb has also worked with the actress and AIDS/ Human Rights activist, Judith Light. With his partner, Jonathan, he has for a long time managed not only her career but also that of her husband, actor and writer, Robert Desiderio. The four of them have a production company, Tetrahedron Productions, which is the home of Herb’s current activities as a producer. His producing credits include CBS television movies, "Too Close to Home," "A Husband, A Wife, and A Lover," and "Murder At My Door." He also created and was a producer on Judith Light’s short-lived CBS series, "The Simple Life." He also produced the independent film, "Save Me," which premiered at Sundance and starred Judith Light, written by her husband, Robert Desiderio.

Since AIDS began to decimate the gay community, Herb has committed more of himself and his passion to fighting the pandemic, to confronting the realities uncovered by our experience with the disease, and with working to add to the strength, unity, and spiritual base of the gay and lesbian community.

Herb was a Point Foundation Board Member from November 2004 through June 2012.


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