• Wells Fargo Point Alumnus
  • University of California Los Angeles
  • Linguistics and Theatre

Mikael Miller

point Scholar 2008 – 2012

Mikael was born in Provo, Utah to a devout Mormon family. His parents divorced at a young age and Mikael spent his formative years moving from town to town, eventually settling in Palmdale, California. At fifteen, Mikael came out to his parents, who responded by putting him through two years of religious therapies and programs to “cure” him of his sexual orientation. At seventeen, disagreement with his parents about his sexual orientation caused them to ask him to leave home. He moved out, and lived on his own for a year while he finished his senior year of high school and applied to college. After graduating, Mikael moved to Los Angeles.

Mikael is currently attending University of California Los Angeles majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Theatre. At UCLA, Mikael has discovered a supportive environment that has encouraged and inspired him to begin work within the LGBT community. He works at the UCLA LGBT Center and looks forward to being more actively involved in the ex-ex-gay movement. Mikael plans to use his education to work in the field of law and to one day open a legal resource center for emancipated and disowned minors, specializing in assisting LGBT youth.

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