• Lawrence King/Jeffrey Fashion Cares Point Scholar
  • University of Washington
  • Law, Societies and Justice

Kyle Rapiñan

point Scholar 2009 2012

Kyle was born and raised in North Seattle, Washington. Being that he was from a single parent, bi-racial, low-income household, in predominantly middle class white suburbia, he stood out from the beginning. Kyle escaped a violently homophobic and abusive family at age 15. Advocating for himself, he lived with numerous friends throughout high school.

After coming out his sophomore year in high school, Kyle became homeless. He was physically and verbally harassed in school and had his life threatened multiple times. Looking for support and a community, he joined the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) at his school and quickly galvanized the group of young people into passionate and courageous activists. Following this, he was selected as the Washington State leader for the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). He was subsequently selected for an LGBT Peace and Social Justice Internship with the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) where he collaborated with the Safe Schools Coalition and unceasingly advocated for young people to have a safe place to learn.

Currently, he is serving as the new co-chair for the nationally-recognized coalition, the Safe Schools, and works at Casey Family Programs, a foster care foundation, advancing LGBT programming and youth issues in the foster care system.

Kyle is studying at the school of his dreams: the University of Washington. He recently organized a school-wide protest against anti-LGBT bias in the student paper. He plans to major in a pre-law social justice program and eventually go to law school. Kyle intends to continue working hard with his career ambitions: fighting for LGBTQ equality and advocating for all who are oppressed.

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