• Thomas & Sara Branton Point Alumnus
  • Bowdoin College
  • History and Africana Studies, minor in Gay and Lesbian Studies

George Aumoithe

Scholar Class – 2009-10

George was born in New York City and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, living in a conservative Haitian immigrant household with his single mother. Growing up in an evangelical Christian congregation where sexual difference is strictly forbidden, George was forced to submerge his sexuality deep within the closet as he listened to fiery sermons railing against homosexuality.

Having little to no contact with his reclusive father since the age of five, George relied on his single mother for support. However, when George came out to his mother during his first year of college, she ostracized and cut him off, leaving his college education in a perilous financial limbo.

Determined to preserve and further his education, George secured a Freeman-ASIA grant and completed a language intensive program at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. George is currently a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, conducting a social and architectural history of LGBTQ social spaces in New York and Chicago.
George is the co-founder and co-editor of Q Magazine, a first-of-its-kind biyearly publication that addresses LGBTQ youth issues on campus. George is also the student director of Bowdoin College’s Queer-Trans Resource Center and coordinates a peer-mentoring program called OutPeers, helping LGBTQ and questioning students.

Currently a student at Bowdoin College, George is pursuing a double major in History and Africana Studies, with a minor in Gay and Lesbian Studies. He hopes to take his political, activist, and intellectual passions into public service, non-profit work and academia, working to paint a more diverse portrait of LGBTQ lives through history and queer theory.

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