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Terrance Meck Executive Director of The Palette Fund 
and Rand Skolnick Point Scholar Derek Blechinger

Endowing a Named Scholarship in Perpetuity creates a lasting legacy that will fund the education of Point Scholars in perpetuity. Point Foundation will invest a contribution of $500,000 or more in our endowment fund and use the investment income to finance the education of Point Scholars now and far into the future.

A Named Scholarship in Perpetuity makes it possible to honor the name of an individual or organization and to create an ongoing legacy of learning and leadership.

For more information about Named Scholarships in Perpetuity, please contact Claire Walsh 
(212) 512-5339. 

Walter M. Decker
Point Scholarship

To honor his legacy of academic and philanthropic excellence, Point...

Current Awardee: Tara Benesch
Past Awardee: Nicole Robert, Lee Adam Wheeler (09-13), John Downey (04-09)

Kevin Hummer 
Point Scholarship

Kevin Hummer was a Libra, born October 13, 1962. He grew up mostly in Arizona and Palm...

Current Awardee: Morgan Cheatham
Past Awardee: Emily McWilliams (12-14), Jonah Thompson (08-11)

Rand Skolnick
Point Scholarship

Rand's passion was people. Whether it was family, friends, colleagues...

Current Awardee: Mia "TuMutch" Satya
Past Awardee: Michael McCutcheon, Derek Blechinger (10-14)

Point offers mentorship, leadership development and community service training to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students.

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