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Who qualifies for a Point Scholarship?

Please review the current scholar and alumni bios that are posted on Point's website, as each biography demonstrates the qualities and experiences that Point looks for in the strongest applicants. Very strong academic performance is one characteristic that Point seeks in all its applicants and subsequent scholars. Additionally, proven leadership skills and the desire to make a difference in the world are highly valued. Each person who applies for a Point Scholarship is evaluated on the totality of their situation. Academic achievement, personal merit, leadership, involvement in the LGBTQ community, professional experiences, financial need, marginalization, personal and future goals are all taken into consideration.

Does Point encourage graduate and post-graduate students to apply?

Yes, the Point Scholarship is not just for undergraduate (bachelors) students. Applicants who are pursuing graduate and post-graduate degrees may also apply for Point's scholarship award. However, post-doctoral research students and trade school students are not eligible to apply.

Are community college students eligible to apply?

Yes, as long as the student is asking for financial support to transfer to an accredited four-year university beginning in the 2015 fall semester. Point does not currently fund education at the community college level.

If I am a senior in high school and I do not know yet where I will be attending college, can I still apply to be a Point Scholar?

Yes, Point understands that many applicants will not have finalized plans for their education at the time that they apply. You neither have to be enrolled nor accepted to a particular program/university to apply to be a Point Scholar.

I would like to apply for a scholarship to study in spring of 2015. May I submit an application now?

No, scholarship awards for spring of 2015 are not available; Point only awards scholarships for a full academic year or greater. Only applicants who are either starting or continuing their education in the fall of 2015 are eligible to apply. Scholars for the 2014-2015 academic year were announced in June 2014.

I have taken the past several years off to begin my career, but now I am looking to go back to school for a second degree. Is there an age limit to apply to become a Point Scholar?

No, there is no age limit to be eligible to become a Point Scholar. You may apply at any time during either your education or career as long as you plan to be enrolled full-time by the fall of 2015.

If I am planning to complete my degree through an online program, am I eligible to apply for a Point Foundation Scholarship?

No, Point does not provide support for students who pursue an education or a special program solely online. Point believes it is important for Point Scholars to be a part of an academic community and interact face-to-face with other students and faculty on a regular basis while earning a degree and representing Point.

Do I need to identify within the LGBTQ community to apply?

Yes, individuals who receive a Point Foundation Scholarship are expected to be “out” as a person who identifies within the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) spectrum. 

Will I be expected to reveal this identification to the public?

Yes, Point posts a picture and short biography of each scholarship award recipient on Point’s website.  Additionally, Point Scholars are expected to attend and occasionally speak about their own experience of being an LGBTQ identified individual in public settings such as fundraisers and conferences.

If my career goals are not exclusively focused on the LGBTQ community may I still apply?

Yes, Point selects scholars whom it believes have made a contribution to the LGBTQ community and who will continue to do so in the future. Some scholars will choose a career that focuses on the LGBTQ community and others will use their skills and influence in other ways, while not working full-time on LGBTQ issues. Talent and a drive to contribute to society are key characteristics of a Point Scholar. Point welcomes accomplished scholars in all fields.

I am not sure that I qualify (or identify) as either financially disadvantaged or marginalized, but I am confident that I have many of the other strengths (history of leadership, dedication to a field, etc.). Should I still apply?

Yes, you may qualify and should apply. Point's selection committee weighs all facets of each person's application. Academic achievement, personal merit, leadership, professional experiences, finanical need, marginalization, future and personal goals are all considered. Point supports scholars who have a variety of needs and who demonstrate a record of accomplishment and high achievement.

Are Point's scholarship awards restricted to any specific geographic regions (i.e., San Francisco Bay area only)?

Point's scholarship awards are limited only to scholars who are enrolled within the United States of America.

Does Point provide scholarships to citizens of foreign countries?

Point's application process is open to all college students regardless of citizenship. However, the organization's scope of support is limited to higher educational pursuits at accredited institutions that are located within the borders of the United States of America. 

Does Point provide scholarships to undocumented students?

Yes, as stated above regarding international students, Point's application process is open to all college students regardless of citizenship. Undocumented students are eligible and will be reviewed as international students.

If I apply and am not selected as a Point Scholar, may I reapply?

Yes, applicants may reapply the following year. Point does not keep copies of semifinalist/finalist materials from previous application cycles; thus materials submitted in the past must be resubmitted for consideration.

When I reapply, may I submit my old application?

Currently, this option is not available so it is important that each returning applicant submit the most current and competitive information possible.




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