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Allan Gilmour & Eric Jirgens
Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Xinyi Ou
Past Awardee: Maggie Keenan-Bolger (11-12)...

Darden Restaurants
Point Scholarship

With 1,800 restaurants and approximately 180,000 employees, Darden Restaurants is...

Current Awardee:
Past Awardee:   Michael McCutcheon (13-14)Max Staebler (12-13), Hillary Gleason (10-11)

George Benes, MD & Michael Mallee, EdD Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Rachel Jackson
Past Awardee: Daniel O'Neill (11-13)

Joan R. Heller Point Scholarship

Joan Ruth Heller was born in 1925 in the Bronx, NY and earned her BA at NYU in 1946. She...

Current Awardee: Abbey Muzatko
Past Awardee: Ashland Johnson (10-11)

Kevin Hummer 
Point Scholarship

Kevin Hummer was a Libra, born October 13, 1962. He grew up mostly in Arizona and Palm...

Current Awardee: Morgan Cheatham
Past Awardee: Emily McWilliams (12-14), Jonah Thompson (08-11)

Motorola Solutions
Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Jack Andraka
Past Awardee: Tyler Kissinger (12 - 14)


Phyllis Mandler & Gary Elden
Point Scholarship

Chicago-based donors Phyllis Mandler and Gary Elden have been major supporters of Point...

Current Awardees: Dee Moore & Mary Susman
Past Awardees: Natalie Brilmyer, Cara Cerise (10-13)

Rosen Goertz
Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Jamie Weinand 

Voices On Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Adrienne Adams
Past Awardees: Meg Day, Gregory Davis (13-14), Jacob Rostovsky (12-13) 
Kip Williams (11-12)

Wells Fargo Point Scholarship

Wells Fargo strives to be a leader in workplace equality and philanthropic...

10 Current Awardees
Past Awardees: Kay Adam (11-12)...

Bob Fennell Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Tommy Craven
Past Awardee: Benjamin Ancher (08-09)

Erickson-Zoellers Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Patrick Córdova 
Past Awardee: Carl Streed, Jr. (11-13)

HBO Point Scholarship

The HBO Point Scholarship is awarded to a creative and dynamic individual who intends...

Current Awardee: Oraia Reid
Past Awardees:Rachael Smith(11-12)...

Johnson & Johnson
Point Scholarship

Caring for the world, one person at a time, inspires and unites the people of Johnson &...

Current Awardee: Gene de Haan

Larry King/Jeffrey Fashion Cares Point Scholarship

Jeffrey Fashion Cares created the Larry King/Jeffrey Fashion Cares scholarship in the...

Current Awardees: Kayla Wingert
Past Awardee: Kyle Rapinan (11-12) Noël Gordon (12-13)

NBCUniversal Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Julia Horwitz
Past Awardee: Nicole Opper


New York Point Honors
Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Lane Rosen
Past Awardees: Saidzhan Abdulla, Maggie Keenan-Bolger (12-14), Brennan Peters (11-12)

Toyota Financial Services Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Brittany Ellenberg
Past Awardee: Alejandra C. Salinas, Tommy Craven (11-12) Lilia Espinoza (10-11)

Vorobek Point Scholarship

Current Awardee:
Past Awardees: Ethan Hansen

Calamus Foundation Point Scholarship

The Calamus Foundation was created in 1994 by Saul Kaplan. The foundation awards grants to...

Current Awardee: Landon "LJ" Woolston, Ngoc Loan Tran
Past Awardee: Brooke Sebold

Estee Lauder
Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Ibrahim Vicks
Past Awardee: Mira Patel

Janssen Therapeutics
Point Scholarship

Current Awardees: Kevin RobertsonMichael Haymer, Audrey Stewart 
Past Awardee: Ishan Asokan (14-15), Siddarth Puri (13-14)

Jonathan D. Lewis Point Scholarship

The Jonathan D. Lewis Scholarship is awarded to exemplary individuals who show great promise...

Current Awardee:
Past Awardee: Rickke Mananzala, Katie Miller (11-12)...

Minton-Spidell Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Nicholas Orozco
Past Awardees: Matthew Smith (09-11)...

Paul W. Speier Point Scholarship

Current Awardee: Tanner Liechty
Past Awardee: Jody L. Andrade (10-11)...

Rand Skolnick
Point Scholarship

Rand's passion was people. Whether it was family, friends, colleagues...

Current Awardee: Mia "TuMutch" Satya
Past Awardee: Michael McCutcheon, Derek Blechinger (10-14)

Tyler Clementi
Point Scholarship

The Tyler Clementi Point Scholarship was created with the cooperation...

Current Awardee:
Past Awardees: Derrick Miller-Handley

Walter M. Decker
Point Scholarship

To honor his legacy of academic and philanthropic excellence, Point...

Current Awardee: Tara Benesch
Past Awardee: Nicole Robert, Lee Adam Wheeler (09-13), John Downey (04-09)

Point Foundation offers an academic scholarship program for gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender and queer (LGBTQ) college students to achieve their full academic and leadership potential – despite the obstacles often put before them – to make a significant impact on society.

Point offers mentorship, leadership development and community service training to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students.

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